The female sex, womanhood, belongs to ME and my sisters. I will be damned if any theory, any man with his eyeshadow, lipstick, estrogen pills and tutu is going to co-opt that experience and claim it for his own.
Alas, as an actual female, I have to say all these things under a pseudonym, and if that’s not subjugation, if that’s not patriarchy, I don’t know what is.
This is what it is to be a female: we are silenced by men who claim our sex, we have to assert ourselves under pseudonyms for fear of the backlash by men who claim they are women.
Feminism has been hijacked by the myth that pornography is liberatory (this thinking benefits men) and by the idea that gender worship is healthy (again, this benefits men). Wake up.
Women, wake up. Your experiences are being colonized by fetishists. Our work is not over – not by a long shot. Reject trans-ideology. Reject queer theory. Reject gender.

Well it appears like this new version of the tumblr app won’t post my posts aren’t you guys lucky

Message me I’m going to be on this bus for 8 hours and I had no time to pack stuff to do and I’m not going to sleep

And I definitely just sat in the seat that has most recently been shat on

Guess which spacey idiot packed in a mad rush and packed two backpacks? Currently stumbling through the night like a fool

I have had a bra on for an hour and I am already having chest pains

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